Publication Alert: TL;DR Press

I'm excited to announce this new anthology: Mosaic, from TL;DR Press. For the past three years, the good folks at TL;DR Press do a very fun flash fiction contest called the 1K WordHerd, and have published a charity anthology featuring the top 25 stories from the competition. I'm pretty pleased to say, that for the... Continue Reading →

Contest Results: Writers’ Playground

I'm excited to announce that I won third place with my story "Waiting in the Everafter" in Writers' Playground's Short Fiction competition. This is a fun contest where each participant has 10 days to write a short story (up to 3,000 words) using their list of prompts. They give us a list of 5 characters... Continue Reading →

Contest Results: Writing Battle

In February I participated in a new-to-me contest "Writing Battle." In fact, it was kind of new to them as well - while they've hosted a number of screenwriting battles, this was their first Flash Fiction battle. It's a very interesting premise. Each participant gets assigned one of four possible genres. (We don't know what... Continue Reading →

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