Donkey Robs Bank, Leads Police on Chase

I never imagined myself on the lam. (Or is it “on the lamb”? I can never remember.) All I ever wanted was to live on pasture. Dozing in the summer sunshine, flicking flies off my nose with my tail. Listening to the symphony of the meadow. Singing birds, buzzing bees, chirping frogs to keep me company. Perhaps – when bored – trying to decipher the secrets whispered between the breeze and the broad canopies of the maple trees. A simple, pastoral life. Continue reading

The Promotion

Matilda Asher was crying in the break room. Rumor had it that she was quitting. Couldn’t hack it; nervous breakdown or something. A guilty thrill ran through me. I wasn’t proud of reveling in someone else’s misfortunes, but Matilda’s delicate sensibilities could mean big things for me. Opportunities like this were few and far between. Continue reading