Swing Vote

Florence watched through the window, as the lamplighter worked down the street. The methodical routine soothed her jangled nerves. The man bent to twist the knob and start the gas flowing, then reached up with the pole-mounted lighter. He pulled a lever and the striker sparked. A cheery glow spilled across the cobblestones as he moved onto the next post. Twist. Spark. Glow. Repeat. Continue reading

Donkey Robs Bank, Leads Police on Chase

I never imagined myself on the lam. (Or is it “on the lamb”? I can never remember.) All I ever wanted was to live on pasture. Dozing in the summer sunshine, flicking flies off my nose with my tail. Listening to the symphony of the meadow. Singing birds, buzzing bees, chirping frogs to keep me company. Perhaps – when bored – trying to decipher the secrets whispered between the breeze and the broad canopies of the maple trees. A simple, pastoral life. Continue reading


I was fading from the mirror. It was nearly imperceptible at first. My hair seemed drab, skin sallow. I tried dyes and make up. Disappointed with a natural bronze, I moved to shades more vivid, even lurid. Crimson lips and smokey eyes. Nothing worked. I was a washed out photograph, colors bleached by the sun. People were too polite to mention it. I expected comments like – Oh, Sasha you look so pale! Are you feeling alright? They never came. Everyone just looked the other way. Continue reading