She flees through the forest on bare feet, a carpet of pine needles silencing her footsteps. Somewhere behind, unseen in the darkness, The Warrior stalks her. Her heart thumps, the frantic rat-a-tat of a woodpecker on a hollow log, as she races between the trees. A barrier of thicket rises before her, but she doesn’t … Continue reading Pursuit


He followed her into the woods. Coppery hair hidden beneath a dark hood, her fleet footsteps were soundless on the path. No snapping branches, no crunching leaves, no gasping breath betrayed her passage. The silence raised the hairs on the back of his neck. Making a complicated gesture with his left hand, he shifted, body … Continue reading Fallen


Bing-bong. Anton jumped at the sound of the doorbell. The Seth Thomas clock above the fireplace read 11:57. Only ax murderers ring doorbells at midnight. If he ignored them, maybe they would go away. He reached for his wineglass and sipped. Eyes closed he savored the spicy vintage. Bing-bong. Anton set down his glass with … Continue reading Inheritance