Release Day

It's release day for The Corona Book of Science Fiction. You can check out my story: SafeChipTM along with many other riveting tales. Pick up a copy - I promise you won't be disappointed! A sampler of the work of the best new writers of science fiction out there? A sci-fi selection box with a mix … Continue reading Release Day

October Release

Check out my friends at Corona Books who have some exciting titles coming out in September & October! Yours truly will be featured in The Corona Book of Science Fiction, edited by Max Bantleman. Don't forget to bookmark the page - pre-ordering will be available soon for a release date of 15 October 2018.  


The headlamp – a Radiant 475 – was the best money could buy. The light disappeared into the abyss, the tight beam turning fuzzy, before it was swallowed by nothingness. Damn primitive tech. Balanced on the edge, Qell was certain that this time it would be her. He’d climbed above the clouds hoping that he’d … Continue reading Invasion