Publication Alert: Wyldblood

I'm really excited to share this story with you all today - A Mathematical Betrayal at Wyldblood Press. I really love this story of love and loss and self-awareness. And it features a robot dog. I mean, how can anyone resist a robot dog?It's a pleasure to publish again with the great folks over at... Continue Reading →

Sad Feels

It's always sad to hear that a good magazine is closing it's doors. Worse, I think, when it is a genre market as there are fewer opportunities out there for those of us who write a lot of speculative fiction. This week the final issue of Land Beyond the World Magazine was announced. <insert the... Continue Reading →

Publication Alert: Wyldblood

I have a group of writing friends that plays a game called the One Hour Challenge. It's pretty simple - someone posts a photo or a bit of music or video or verse, what have you, then we all have exactly one hour to write a piece of flash fiction inspired by the prompt. It's... Continue Reading →

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