2022 by the Numbers

I've been a little frustrated recently with this whole writing thing. Too many rejections. Weird feedback. Not feeling that I've grown enough or have been as "successful" as I think I should be. My own unrealistic expectations often make it easy for Imposter Syndrome to raise its ugly head. So, I decided to take a... Continue Reading →

Publication Alert: Intrepidus Ink

Very excited for this new story to make its debut today at Intrepidus Ink. "Knock, Knock" is a bit of SciFi/Dystopian Flash. It's a quick read, but big on the feels. Intrepidus Ink is a new venue for flash fiction that specializes in out-of-the-box tales, bold characters, and fearless, unapologetic narratives. I'm really honored that... Continue Reading →

Publication Alert: Wyldblood

I'm really excited to share this story with you all today - A Mathematical Betrayal at Wyldblood Press. I really love this story of love and loss and self-awareness. And it features a robot dog. I mean, how can anyone resist a robot dog?It's a pleasure to publish again with the great folks over at... Continue Reading →

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