Writer’s Games

Very exciting to announce that I managed to nab second place in the first 2019 session of  The Writer’s Workout’s Writer’s Games. This competition consists of 5 weeks of intense writing challenges. Each week (plus one practice event) the participants have 72 hours to harness an idea, write, edit/polish, and submit a piece of short fiction inspired by the provided prompt.

Two of my five submissions will be published in the Games’ anthology. Stay tuned later in the year to find out how you can get a copy!

Release Day

It’s release day for The Corona Book of Science Fiction. You can check out my story: SafeChipTM along with many other riveting tales. Pick up a copy – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

A sampler of the work of the best new writers of science fiction out there? A sci-fi selection box with a mix of hard (science) and soft (science) centres covering the spectrum of sub-genres? A brilliant anthology you’ll find hard to put down? A must read for every sci-fi fan?

All these things? We like to think so, and certainly with The Corona Book of Science Fiction we’ve tried to create something special – a multi-author sci-fi collection where each contribution embodies both great imagination and great storytelling, and which collectively covers a mix of themes from the fantastic to the topical, from AI to Z, all topped off with a last story so touching it has been proved to reduce grown men to tears.




Scribes Divided is releasing their second anthology in November. (Check out their first volume here.) I’ve already read a handful of the stories that will be included and it promises to be a riveting book. Tales range from spine tingling horror, to classic fantasy, epic romances, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And those are just the pieces I’ve read!

My story, “Insomnia” is a dark, twisted reflection on image and the illusion of reality.  Stay tuned for release dates!