Divine Hunger

A forked tongue whipped out to taste the evening air. The potent scent of infidelity made Nithögg’s head swim—a cloying honeysuckle that almost masked an undertone of rotten meat. An icy breeze chilled her sleek coils, and her heart struggled to pump sluggish blood. The great serpent longed to return to her cozy den, nestled... Continue Reading →

Wistwick 75 Miles

Alistera swallowed down the bile that scorched the back of her throat. “Do you mind if I open the window?” Geoff raised an eyebrow, but didn’t take his eyes off the road. Alistera took it as assent, flicking thumb and index finger in a complicated gesture. The glass resisted for a moment, as if sensing... Continue Reading →

In the Cottage by the Sea

Ligeia watched as Calliope rummaged through the old sea chest, filled with forgotten remnants of other people’s lives. In the beginning, the pair had spent decades poring through its contents. More bored than curious, they’d made up wordless ghost stories about the misadventures of those who’d lived in the cottage before. It had been centuries... Continue Reading →


“We need to talk.” David’s voice sounded like a stranger’s––subdued and hesitant. Celeste’s stomach clenched, but she didn’t turn around. The dinner plate in her hand was dry, but she kept the dishrag moving in mindless, persistent circles. She could barely make out his reflection in the window above the sink, see-through and indistinct. “It’s... Continue Reading →

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