Gallery of Curiosities (forthcoming)

72 Hours of Insanity, Volume 7 
“Cherry Flavored Lip Gloss”
“Coffee or Tea?”

Writers’ Cafe Magazine: Fairy Tale 
Fate at the Fluff-n-Fold” (note: you have to scroll down to find the story)

All Worlds Wayfarer 
The Children of Gods

Dream of Shadows
A Questionable Gift

72 Hours of Insanity, Volume 6
“12 hours”

Youth Imagination Magazine

Write Ahead The Future Looms: Issue 4
“Down Payment”

Tales From the Moonlit Path: Demented Mother’s Day issue –

Tales from the Moonlit Path: Bloody Valentine issue
Return to Sable Basin

72 Hours of Insanity, Volume 5  
“Lemon Scented Bleach”**
“Forbidden Intimacy”**
“Dressed to Kill”**
“Sins of the Father”**

72 Hours of Insanity, Volume 4  
“The Song of the Sea”
“A Rose by Name”
“The Woman in the Mirror”
“The Curse”

Dread Naught but Time

Youth Imagination Magazine –
Blue Eyes

Page & Spine 
China White

The Corona Book of Science Fiction

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters

Tales from the Cliff

The Ponder Review Volume 1 Issue 1
“Uninvited Houseguests”

*Publications listed with most recent at top
**Published under the pseudonym: CE Snow