INSOMNIA: Dread Naught but Time

A new Scribes Divided anthology – “Dread Naught but Time” is now available for pre-order at Amazon. (Kindle only, print will be available on the release date 11/27.)

This book is special to me – not only because I really love my story in this compilation of timeless works, but because the contributors make up members of my writing family. Writers of every stripe who have come together to make a community out of a solitary pursuit.

My story – “Insomnia” – is the final tale in the book. A dark piece about image and reality, may it leave you looking over your shoulder and awaiting the sun to rise. Here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite…


I scrutinized her in the glass; the insomnia was wearing on her. With a bony hand she reached up, touched purple smudges under her eyes. My fingertips grazed over the delicate skin and a tickle of spidery footsteps rippled up my spine. She blinked hard and my eyes prickled with unshed tears.

Why do you torment me?  Sleep and let me be!

The nightgown slipped down over her shoulder. She yanked it back up, but not before I saw the blue-green fingerprints on her shoulder. I couldn’t glance down with her eyes fixed on me. It didn’t matter – although I hadn’t felt it, I knew my fair skin would also be bruised. My body was not my own.


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