Publication Alert: All Worlds Wayfarer & Writers’ Cafe

Closing out the year with a bang, I’m very pleased to announce that I have two short stories live at different lit mags.

The first entitled, “The Children of Gods,” is in the Winter Solstice issue of All Worlds Wayfarer.  I’m linking you to the issue, not directly to the story here, in case you want to peruse the content warning first. This story, while not horribly graphic, does explore the complicated theme of humanity–making it a perfect tale for a Solstice issue. A metaphysical discussion of dark vs light, if you will. It’s one of my favorite pieces of flash from this year, so I hope you enjoy it.

The second piece, “Fate at the Fluff-n-Fold,” is featured in The Writers’ Cafe Magazine. The theme of this issue is fairy tales, and mine is a very lighthearted take in a modern setting. While very different from my usual fare, it was fun to write and is a quick and easy read. Make sure to check out the Asian inspired fairy tale by my friend Myna Chang, that is also in this issue. (You do have to scroll down through the site, past the poetry entries in order to get to the short stories, but I promise it is worth it!)

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing what 2020 will bring!

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