Publication Alert: Writing Alone and Other Group Activities

I had never considered collaborative writing before some folks in my writing group asked me to join a Team Writing competition. What a strange, exciting, terrifying, fun challenge. To be thrown together with a handful of people from an online writing group, who you barely know, who all have very different writing styles and backgrounds, and then be expected to create cohesive stories based on an arbitrary prompt and on a deadline to boot… Well, how-de! How do you even make that happen?

And yet, we did the thing. And in doing it, we transcended from internet acquaintances, to co-collaborators, to friends. It wasn’t easy. We argued a little bit. But in the end we made art together.

And now YOU can read it. This extraordinarily unique anthology features many delightful stories written by a variety of Scribes Divided Teams. Genre, voice, and style vary bringing something for everyone to the table. In addition, many of the contributing authors (self included) speak candidly on the process. Please check it out: Writing Alone and Other Group Activities: Scribes Divided Anthology, Vol. 3: Team Writing.

Enjoy this little snippet:

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