Book Review: Night Walk

Love classic monsters, like vampires and werewolves, with a twist?
How about lesser-known monstrosities like chupacabras and wendigos?
Maybe you love strange and unique things that go bump in the night, newly imagined.
Or perhaps you are like me and you love them all!

If you identify with any of those statements, Night Walk: and Other Dark Paths by Aeryn Rudel is a must read. This anthology brought to you by the excellent folks at The Molotov Cocktail is full of creepy, well-paced, often witty, always satisfying flash fiction. The characters are well rendered, both human and flawed, the plots are gritty and gripping, and no matter how speculative the tales are, there’s always a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that says, dear gods, what if?

Whether you binge read or saver the stories ever so slowly, you’ll definitely be sleeping with the lights on afterwards.

On a personal note – Aeryn is one of my favorite people in my writer tribe. His work always tickles my dark side. He’s always encouraging and has time and again helped me elevate my own stories with his honest and insightful critique. He has many credits to his name, from flash to novel length, but he’s also transparent about the hard work and ridiculous amount of rejection that comes with this writing gig. So much so, that he has a great website completely dedicated to rejection: Aeryn Rudels’ Rejectomancy. If you are a fledgling writer or just curious about the process, it’s an eye-opening read.


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