Publication Alert: TL;DR Press

I’m excited to announce this new anthology: Mosaic, from TL;DR Press.

For the past three years, the good folks at TL;DR Press do a very fun flash fiction contest called the 1K WordHerd, and have published a charity anthology featuring the top 25 stories from the competition.

I’m pretty pleased to say, that for the third year in a row, I’ve made that list. (My understanding is that there aren’t too many authors who have made the top 25 all three years.)

My story–“To Teach Myself to Fly”–is a bit of a heartwrenching tale about a young woman who has endured the worst things life could throw at her, and how a ghost dog tries to save her. Or maybe that doggo is all in her head, and she saves herself. You decide.

For very short money, you can get the e-book, and all proceeds go to the Doorstop Library–a community-based, UK charity that helps bring books to at-risk youth.

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