Writing Battle Flash Fiction Results

So, I won a thing. In fact, it’s the second time I’ve won this particular thing.

Writing Battle is a fun and unique contest where the contestants are also judges! What’s that you say? The contestants are also judges? Indeed they are. By signing up, you agree to blind read a number of duels as part of the judging process. You get a series of two anonymous stories to read, give feedback on, and ultimately choose which you choose as the “winner” of the duel. Each dueling pair gets a small group of judges, and the one with the most “wins” moves on. (You only read in genres that you were not assigned, so you are never judging anyone in direct competition with yourself.)

In the very end, when there are only two stories left standing, the ultimate winner is chosen by a a small group of industry professionals.

It’s definitely a lot of fun!

I was assigned “Lost World” as my genre, and took the genre concept a little out of the box. It’s where I do my best work. If you are interested, take a peek at the winning story here. There’s also an interview with yours truly as well!

Hope you enjoy!

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