Writer’s Games!

I found out last week that I came in first place in the Writer’s Workout Writer’s Games.

This is a pretty intense contest. For five consecutive weekends, competitors are under a seventy-two hour deadline to produce a polished short story within the confines of a prompt. The competition is stiff. (I know, as I’m friendly with a number of folks who landed top ten spots!) While I’ve participated before I’ve never managed to push into that coveted first place position, so it felt good to finally do it!

Towards the end of the year, keep your eyes peeled for the anthology announcement. I’ll have two pieces included: a humorous, if dark, SciFi about first contact with aliens and a heart wrenching drama about a difficult decision.

Many congratulations to my writing pals who also earned top ten placements. Well done!

8th Place, Haley M Hwang
7th Place, Renee Boyer
5th Place, Shelby Van Pelt
4th Place, Rachael Clarke
3rd Place, Janna Miller


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